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About Us

About Us


Yancheng Furui Machinery Parts Co., Ltd., Yancheng Harriston Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., and Jiangsu Harriston Machinery Co., Ltd., subsidiaries of Harriston Group, are located in the National Pioneering Park, Bufeng Town, Yancheng Economic Development Zone. Founded in 2010, the company currently employs more than 30 people, mainly engaged in construction machinery, storage equipment, agricultural machinery, engines and various spare parts.

1.Sales and service of various storage trucks and forklifts, including Lonking, Noblelift, Heli, Hangcha and other brands;

2.Sales and service of Kubota series complete machines and accessories, including harvesters, rice transplanters, tractors, seeders, etc.;

3.Sales and service of Yanmar series complete machines and accessories, including harvesters, rice transplanters, tractors, seeders, etc.;

4.Sales and service of various agricultural machinery, including rotary tillers, balers, beaters, wood chippers, disc plows, lawn mowers, seeders, harvesting machinery, etc.;

5.Customization and sales of various domestic series of agricultural machinery and tools, including harvesters, tractors, rice transplanters, weeders, plant protection machinery, etc.;

6.Sales and service of domestically produced World, Lovol, Zoomlion, Aihe agricultural machinery and accessories;

7.Sales of a full range of accessories for Russian MTZ and Romanian UTB tractors;

8.Overseas sales agent of Japan’s MITSUBOSHI agricultural machinery belts and Bridgestone crawlers;

9.Customization of various engine accessories, including pistons, piston rings, cylinder liners, bearing bushes, crankshafts, cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, etc.

10.A 10,000-square-meter sheet metal processing, production and spraying production line is under construction. In 2023, incoming samples and grid drawings can be customized. There are advanced automation equipment such as laser cutting, bending, shearing, stamping, welding, shot blasting, and spraying, which can meet different requirements. Customer product quality requirements;

11.Paddy field ditching machines are professionally produced, and a large number of off-the-shelf supplies are available.


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